Who are you? 
Chief Experience Officer at the American Medical Association and of my own life.

Why did you design the bag you did? Why did you select the style? Leather? 
I was tired of having the same bag as every other guy. I wanted something that looked sleek, masculine and unique. The steel gray and brown leather brown combination is a stand-out without being overpowering or complicated, and the slim profile is just right.

Have you always been you or did you grow into yourself? 
I've always been a late bloomer and continue to grow into myself.

Was there a moment when you realized you were you?
I think there have been several "me's" along the way. A new one started when I moved back to Chicago - more confident, more outgoing, less restrained and energized by the city.
What's a fault you enjoy about yourself? 
I sing out loud all the time.

Is there a quote or motto that you live by?
Nearly all problems can be solved with the 3 P's: Patience. Perspective. Perseverance.

What event in life has shaped you most as a person, and how?
Marrying my wife. She changed my trajectory and helped me define a path toward a more authentic, creative and generous life.

What are you trying to learn?
How to keep adding more meaning to my life.

How would you describe your personal style? 
I like to dress up, and I'm not afraid to stand out. Slim fit, fabric forward suits. Haircut every two weeks.

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