Who are you?
I am the content creator to @tingmystyle, mother to my two handsome sons and wife to my loving husband.

Have you always been you?
It took me 20 years to grow into myself gradually and to be confident in my own skin.

What does it mean to be one-of-a-kind?
To be true to yourself.

Was there a moment when you realized you were you?
Growing up in China, we were taught to be humble and modest all the time. After living in the States for almost 20 years, it has gradually shaped me to think I am a unique, individual person.

What do you wish people understood about you?
I am a Chinese with very poor math skills.

Tell us about your Laudi Vidni bag.
I needed a chic bag big enough to carry my camera when I shoot outside for content, and my gym essentials when I work out.