Who are you?
This question makes me laugh because I've been described as some unique things. One lady called me an onion because of how layered I am. So no, it wasn't because I'm stinky and make people cry lol. My sister has called me a venus fly trap, which I have a beautiful painting of in my office. However, because I had a hard life growing up, I am a juxtaposing vibrant lotus from the darkest swamp or a rose grown out of cement. I am a survivor of adversity. I am a Christian who knows that the real meaning of faith is not about being fearless but having the tools to fight despite fear. I am a wife, sister, and confidant. I am 36 year old fashion blogger, founder of fashion blog Soshenell, stylist, abstract painter, designer, and entrepreneur from Chicago IL. I am an outspoken woman of wisdom, joy, love, and genuineness who wants more than anything these 4 things about me to be most contagious to the people who meet me.

Have you always been you or did you grow into yourself?
Both. I have always been me and it has only gotten more refined. I see remnants of the woman I am today, in childhood pictures and memories. 

Why did you design the bag you did? Why did you select the style? Leather?
I love when one something can be so multi-dimensional. It's what defines intrigue. I wanted a bag that could mistakenly go with everything. Every woman loves that "oh it works fashion surprise" this bag does that with its monochromatic colors and pretty shape.

Was there a moment when you realized you were you?
Actually, it was as a teenager- 16 to be exact. We all have gone through those moments of asking ourselves, "Who am I?" In essence we are seeking depth, self distinction, and worth. In that moment self reflection took me back as a child and my adolescent years, in a flash. I immediately took notice of what was consistent about my nature and character. It was then, I proclaimed I was born to be exactly who I was at that time. At 16 I understood I was divine, intentional, and God makes no mistakes. I own that.

Is there a quote or motto that you live by?
Anyone who reads my blog knows I am the author of many quotes. So I was totally ready for this question. "Love who you are while being in love with who you are becoming," -Shenell. This quote was inspired by the now. So many people hate themselves now. One of the key factors to a healthy mental state is to never neglect any parts of who you are. People must understand that whether you hate or love the "Now" you, it does not change that YOU are the only one who can help yourself transition into who you desire to become. However, hating her now only delays her in the future.

How would you describe your personal style?
Oh goodness. Only If I could type with my eyes closed. The passion is so real right now. Ok, I'm back...Firstly, my style has to tell a story. It is unpredictable, fearless, and classic-edgy.

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