Who are you?

I am a father. I am lost, confused, happy, sad, angry, and forgiving. I am a man, having human experiences. 

Why did you design the bag you did? Why did you select the style? Leather? 

I love the duffel bag because of its versatility. I like clean looks with just a enough flair to be different and exciting 

What does your bag say about you?

I am a duffle bag. A duffle bag can carry a lot of things and can carry many different things. Duffle bags get tossed and kicked around all the time, but it’s the quality of the bag that keeps it together. I’ve been there and I’m still here. Quality bags last, and so do quality people.


Have you always been you or did you grow into yourself?

I’ve always been me. However we are all constantly progressing and learning. It is in those moments, we define ourselves. We fine tune the person we already are, by correcting mistakes and sometimes unlearning things that no longer define us.


When was the last time you rebelled?

I’ve rebelled most of my life. About 5 years ago, I rebelled against myself. I refused to continue on a path to nowhere. I went against the grain, and lost friends along the way. I eventually found my path and the right people to help guide me through it.


Is there a quote or motto that you live by?

“Love your neighbor” Meaning, love everyone and love them for who they are. Love is also support, support those around you and in turn they will support you.

What are some things you do to celebrate you?

I love cooking, so a good meal with friends and family can be very rewarding. Shopping usually takes care of that too.

How does Laudi Vidni help you tell your story as a unique, one-of-a-kind person?

As a company that shows us how to accept all walks of life, Laudi Vadni gives me a platform to show the world who I am.


What event in life has shaped you most as a person, and how?

The birth of my child was very impactful to the person I am. Time is something we all take for granted. The second I saw them come into this world, I knew where I wanted to spend my time. They complete me.

What are you trying to learn?

How to be a complete person, and keep balance in my life.


How would you describe your personal style? 

My style is more classic street with a little old and a little new intertwined.


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