Who are you?
I am a mom. I am a civil engineering student at the Illinois Institute of Technology. I love to take on challenges and view things from different perspectives.

Why did you design the bag you did? Why did you select the style? Leather? 
I picked the style because I needed a big bag that has a lot of storage to put my laptop and my school supplies. As an engineering student we'll have interviews and career fare in other states so I decided to pick this style to take along with me. The design that I had chose was Starry Night leather because it looks like a sky full of stars which give me calmness. Also, this design reminds me of a quote by Galileo: “I've loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night,”. This quote motivates me to continue to strive without despair because I love my goal and would want to accomplish it no matter what.

What does your bag say about you?? 
A calm person that strives to accomplish their goals with strength and passion.

What are some of your favorite leathers from our collection?
Starry Night, Horween Cloud, and Soft Grain Ecru

How does Laudi Vidni help you tell your story as a unique, one-of-a-kind person? 
I am from Afghanistan, the land of war for decades. I have been in the United States since March 2015. When I came here, I started to learn English to communicate with people. Education is valuable for me since I had always wanted to go to college, it was a dream for me when I was in my hometown of Iran. I found out that I can go to college here, this was by far one of the most exciting news. I got my GED, my associate degree and as of the moment I'm pursuing to get my bachelor's degree in civil engineering.

Have you always been you or did you grow into yourself? 
I made a lot of decisions in my life which some were right and some were wrong and those choices taught me a lot and made me who I am right now. I grow into myself, I always do my best to learn more and become a person who can make good changes and help people.

Was there a moment when you realized you were you?
I am always myself, being who you are is very important, everyone is unique in this world. To be clear, I don't think that there ever was a moment where I knew who I was. I have always wanted to grow as a person and expand my knowledge. Little by little I grew and I will still grow and change throughout the rest of the years of my life.

When was the last time you rebelled? 
In my country there was and still is a lot of inequality and a lot of women and girls live in that difficult moments in which they don't have the freedom and they cannot even decide for their own lives. I always rebel for their rights.

What are some things you do to celebrate you? 
I like to do something out of the ordinary, give myself an award after small achievements, spend a few moments alone, relax, and think.

How would you describe your personal style? 
I choose the style that I feel comfortable with.

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