Who are you?

Chief Experience Officer at the American Medical Association and of my own life.

Have you always been you?

I've always been a late bloomer and continue to grow into myself.

What's a fault you enjoy about yourself?

I sing out loud all the time.

How would you describe your personal style?

I like to dress up, and I'm not afraid to stand out. Slim fit, fabric forward suits. Haircut every two weeks.

What event in life has shaped you most as a person, and how?

Marrying my wife. She changed my trajectory and helped me define a path toward a more authentic, creative and generous life.

Tell us about your Laudi Vidni bag.

I was tired of having the same bag as every other guy. I wanted something that looked sleek, masculine and unique. The steel gray and brown leather brown combination is a stand-out without being overpowering or complicated, and the slim profile is just right.

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