Your Stories

When we say we're nothing without you, we mean it. Your stories, your

perspectives, and of course your creations, are the true DNA of Laudi 

Vidni. No matter who you are or where you came from, we celebrate

everything that makes you an individual.



Who are you?

“I am a Black woman, an artist, and a truth-teller who seeks deep connection, authenticity, and genuine love in the space I occupy—which is diverse, inclusive, creative, community-focused, and truly rooted in building equity for black folks. I am a daughter, raised by two visionaries who never accepted the status quo. In 1980, my parents created the Malcolm Brown Gallery, the first for-profit Black-owned art gallery in the US. At the time, the story of Black American art was incomplete—and it still is. The gallery closed in 2011, but I re-launched it in 2022 to carry on their legacy. I am the mother of two incredible young men. Happy Pride Month, Avery! And shout out to Isaac as he completes his junior year!” If you know me—you know I go hard for my kids—all day every day. Children are precious gifts from God. For all the families (no matter your definition of family) raising kids; you know that it’s joyful, but it is hard work and it’s a lifetime commitment of support—of their whole selves—that is our charge as parents while they navigate life—especially as parents of Black children. 


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We believe in the power of the individual. Old soul, young at heart, a stunning

spectrum of color, born this way, identify another way, you love who you love, 

from here, from there, from a distant planet, free spirit, firmly grounded,

rebellious, harmonious, shaped by your past, driven by your future. No box can 

hold you. No label can define you. You are one and you are everything.