We're leather experts. Real, honest-to-goodness leather created by hand in tanneries using techniques both honed over generations and transformed for this moment. We curate our collection with a commitment to quality, an eye for beauty and a mission to discover the unexpected. Our goal is to source the best so you can create a bag that works for your life and speaks to your unfettered individuality.

Enduring Quality

Leather has long been one of nature's most durable and functional materials. In fact, the earliest leather artifact dates back 4,000 years! Our leathers are cowhides from tanneries in the US, Italy, Spain and South America that adhere to the highest environmental standards. We use cow leather because it's the right weight and durability for our products, so you can expect your Laudi Vidni bag to last for several years, with very little upkeep.

Brilliant Artistry

Choose beauty over banal. Relish vibrantly saturated colors and subtly sophisticated hues. Marvel at the mastery used to create Dark Knight leather that makes you wonder if it's actually leather. (Answer: it is). Let your fingers embrace the buttery feel of Soft Grain Indigo or the velvety texture of Jet Set Taupe, and explore the intricate pattern of Woven Black. We seek out leathers that go beyond the ordinary and delight both sight and touch.

Our Collections

We stock an incredible selection of over 50 leathers, ensuring you'll have just what you need to create your perfect bag. The cornerstone of our offering is the Signature Collection, with its vast range of textures, colors and finishes. Our Luxe Collection represents a finely edited assortment of the most innovative and dramatic leathers.

All of our leathers are scrutinized for durability and functionality and as a result, not all of our leathers are available on all parts of bags. We bring in new leathers each Spring and Fall (or more often if we find one we simply can't live without!). We discontinue occasionally when a tannery alerts us the leather is no longer available (sigh).

Conscious Sourcing

Our tanneries adhere to the highest environmental standards in the US, Italy, Spain, and South America, with many achieving certification from ICEC and LWG, two international organizations monitoring the leather industry for its environmental impact. All of our tanneries are committed to minimizing their impact on the environment and using natural resources in a sustainable way. We exclusively use bovine (cow) leather because it is a by-product of the food industry, which offers two important environmental advantages. First, it's an effective use of what would otherwise be dumped as waste; and second, the material itself was not produced for our products, it was produced for food. It is for that reason that we never use exotic skins.

We are occasionally asked if we carry faux or vegan leathers. At this point, we don't. Most synthetics are made of plastic-based materials that have been manufactured from fossil fuels and are far less durable than leather, making them unattractive environmentally. But we continue to watch this industry and when the materials meet our exacting standards, we'll add them to our line.

Leather Types

Soft Grain

  • Buttery soft hand
  • Pebbled texture offers a classic look
  • Aniline dyed which means color is literally absorbed into the leather, not just applied on top, to enhance durability
  • Heavy top treatment provides saturated color that is very colorfast and hides scratches and scuffs
  • Perfect for every part of every bag
  • Wide variety of colors

Smooth Grain

  • A bit stiffer than soft grain, but still supple
  • Smooth texture with very little pebble offers a sleek look
  • Aniline dyed which means color is literally absorbed into the leather, not just applied on top, to enhance durability
  • Heavy top treatment provides saturated color that is colorfast and minimizes scratches and scuffs
  • Can be used on every part of every bag
  • Wide variety of colors


  • The Horween Leather Company is a 114 year old family-run tannery based in Chicago
  • Their leathers are the epitome of old-world elegance and are used by top brands such as Timberland, Allen Edmonds, and Brooks Brothers
  • Clear, light finish will patina over time, literally becoming a leather unique to its owner
  • Horween Football Leather is the same leather that has been used for the past 70 years to make footballs for professional, college, and amateur play


  • Novelty leathers are the perfect blend of quality and creativity
  • Starting with a beautiful leather hide, novelty leathers undergo various surface treatments to produce a unique texture, treatment or print
  • Examples include our Embossed Snake Skin, Exaggerated Croco Black, Starry Night, Cheetah, Multicolor Printed Tweed

How to Care for your leather bag

Use it and enjoy it. Leather will wear, that's part of its beauty.

Once a year or so, or if you get a nick or scuff that bothers you, take your bag to your local shoe repair shop and ask them to touch it up.

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