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It can take up to 10 hours to hand-craft your Laudi Vidni bag. From cutting the leather, to folding each piece to sewing and attaching zippers and hardware, constructing an impeccable leather bag is intricate, detailed work that requires steady hands. But most importantly, it requires people who care deeply about the work they do.

Since our founding, we have been privileged to work with a team at AW Enterprises with the grit it takes to transform a tired industry and the ingenuity it takes to solve problems that others deem unsolvable. But it is our mutual devotion to quality, craft and service that binds our collaboration.

A family Legacy

AW Enterprises was founded by Czechoslovakian-born Anton William Otrusina in 1962. Arriving in America in 1926, Anton’s first foray into leather working was with Rolik Manufacturing, creating leather goods for the United States Army. Eventually Anton struck out on his own and formed AW Enterprises in the outskirts of Chicago producing two-way radio cases for Motorola (then Galvin Manufacturing).

In 1984, Anton’s son Ed, and Ed’s wife Betty took the helm. Staying true to Anton’s pioneering spirit, Ed patented attachment devices that revolutionized the industry and are still used today.

Devotion to Craft

Our highly skilled partners are experts who care as much about the details as we do. They turn our ideas into fully-functioning bags and advise us on leather and material selections to ensure that what we love will become a bag you will love. They can spot a missed stitch or uneven zipper long before our final inspection. They don’t just make bags. They put heart and soul into every bag they make.

Proudly made in the USA

With AW just a 30-minute drive from our headquarters in Chicago, every week we see first-hand what it means to be Made in the USA. The attention to detail, the dedication, the willingness to go above and beyond. Our proximity has allowed us to forge strong, trusting relationships with the dedicated individuals whose minds and hands construct every one of our bags. And these relationships in turn have enabled us to communicate more effectively, respond more quickly, and quite simply, make better products.

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