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Laudi Vidni was founded by two friends (and fellow Harvard Business School grads), Laura Kofoid and Grace Tsao-Wu. Both retail veterans, the pair first became enamored with customization because it made good business sense—made-to-order means no excess inventory—and because it allowed them to express their admittedly quirky, individual fashion sense.

But the friends also realized that traditional “fashion brands” had it all wrong. They were elitist clubs, segmenting people into “ins” and “outs”, and making us “outs” feel bad in the process. They realized that Laudi Vidni, the brand, was different. That Laudi Vidni had a big umbrella, would welcome everyone, and no one would walk into the door (literally or figuratively) and think, “I'm not cool enough to be here.” Rather, Laudi Vidni would be the place people can go to celebrate who they are and what they want. Their motto? Long live the individual.

In 2017, Grace passed away from cancer. She was an inspiration to Laura, and to so many others, including President Obama, who called her a “difference-maker.” Laura honors her memory in every decision she makes to create something beautiful, to find the most exquisite material, to care about the details. Laudi Vidni honors her by donating a portion of every sale of the Grace Wristlet to the Grace Tsao-Wu Differencemaker Fellowship at One Million Degrees, an amazing organization that empowers low-income, community college students to succeed in school, life and work. It was one of Grace's favorite organizations.

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