Your Stories

When we say we're nothing without you, we mean it. Your stories, your

perspectives, and of course your creations, are the true DNA of Laudi 

Vidni. No matter who you are or where you came from, we celebrate

everything that makes you an individual.


Who are you? 
We are all collections of our mutual experiences. I'm a writer, scholar, organizer, educator, and individual with many lived histories. I'm also a queer trans woman, and proud of it!

Why did you design the bag you did? Why did you select the style? Leather?
Often, I'm drawn to plain (aka boring) attire because I know it will match with clothing I already have. I decided on the unique black woven leather backpack because it's flexible but still has a fun flare to show off to the world.
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We believe in the power of the individual. Old soul, young at heart, a stunning

spectrum of color, born this way, identify another way, you love who you love, 

from here, from there, from a distant planet, free spirit, firmly grounded,

rebellious, harmonious, shaped by your past, driven by your future. No box can 

hold you. No label can define you. You are one and you are everything.