Who are you?
I'm a queer femme, a former foster kid who was raised in a Chasidic home in Milwaukee, WI. I'm an automotive educator and writer. I'm an employee, a partner, a business owner and a friend. I'm a full human being with all the multitude of complexities that come with that.

Tell me about your business Mechanic Shop Femme.
Through my website, I offer automotive maintenance classes, coaching and consulting for women and LGBT+.

Was there a moment when you realized you were you?
The moment I realized that who I am will always be evolving. At that moment, I realized that who I am in the moment is just as real as who I'll become in the future. Every day I realize new sides of myself, and reevaluate how I've been viewing who I am.

What would surprise me to learn about you?
I speak Russian! English is actually not my first language. I'm a first generation American and my parents spoke Russian to me in addition to some Yiddish before I went to school. We prayed in Hebrew. I only learned English at around 5 years old.

I’m here to empower femmes to do whatever the hell they want while wearing whatever the hell they want.