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When we say we're nothing without you, we mean it. Your stories, your perspectives, and of course your creations, are the true DNA of Laudi Vidni. No matter who you are or where you came from, we celebrate everything that makes you an individual.



Who are you?

I am an optometrist and a lifestyle blogger. I am a city girl who loves the color pink, capturing moments on camera, going on adventures, an...

Have you always been you?

Becoming who I am is an ongoing process. The woman I am today is one that I grew into and love and one that will continue to grow with time.



Who are you?


Have you always been you

I grew into myself, for sure. I went through a hippie phase (Beatles tees & paint covered jeans), a 'Jesus-Freak' stage where I donned only...



Tell us about your bag.

I needed a backpack so I went with that style. When it comes to bags I usually like color ways that will go with everything which is why I c...

Have you always been you?

I think I've pretty much always been me, but I notice that as I get older the less I care about what other people might think or assume abou...



Have you always been you?

Yes! I've always been different but I knew I was myself when I realized how much I like dressing in women's clothing!

What's one thing you wish people understood about you?

I wish that they understood that just because I like wearing skirts or make-up, that I don't want to be a woman. Men can wear dresses, hair,...



Who are you?

I'm a queer femme, a former foster kid who was raised in a Chasidic home in Milwaukee, WI. I'm an automotive educator and writer. I'm an emp...

Tell me about your business Mechanic Shop Femme.

Through my website www.mechanicshopfemme.com, I offer automotive maintenance cl...



Who are you?

I am an OB/Gyn and a mom trying to help reduce the issue of maternal mortality for black women.

Have you always been you?

I've always had a sense of self and purpose in life.



Who are you?

I am a wife, mom of two, career woman and the owner of BrownSkinBeautiful, LLC which is a beauty, lifestyle and fashion brand.

Have you always been you?

I definitely grew into who I am today. As a child I was very quiet and very shy and struggled with communicating with others.



Who are you?

I am a human being, a woman, a daughter, a sister, a mother, and friend. I don't want to be an influencer. Who am I influencing? Don't follo...

Have you always been you?

Life is a constant learning process and I feel like I'm still growing and there is so much I still need to learn. But because I know who I a...



Who are you?

I am a style therapist and wardrobe consultant based in Chicago who specializes in helping people find themselves through fashion. My love i...

What does it mean to be one of a kind?

Being one of a kind means unapologetically being yourself and not letting the opinions of others dictate the way you look, act and feel. It...



Have you always been you?

I've been growing into myself. I feel like every day, I improve in thinking and I learn to be a better version of me. Looking back just two...

Is there a quote or motto that you live by?

“You always go back to your roots.” I strongly maintain that your soul always goes back to your origins to find peace and recove...

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